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Note au Commissaire Johannes HAHN – Disparité du pouvoir d’achat au Luxembourg (16/10/2020) – Available in French only

Certification exercise (18/09/2020)

Some lessons from teleworking COVID (06/07/2020)

During the holidays, remember that you have 24-hour accident insurance cover (02/07/2020)

Attractivité du site de Luxembourg, siège des Institutions de l’UE  (25/06/2020) – available in French only

2020 Promotions: not proposed? An appeal is what you need to do! (18/06/2020)

12 days ? (15/06/2020)

New programme allocations for the Executive Agencies: a total lack of transparency, respect for colleagues and in disregeard of a resemblance of social dialogue (08/05/2020)

NO to the closure of CHAFEA (07/05/2020)

Moratorium on the establishment of ‘open space’ (06/05/2020)

Deconfinement… Back to the future: few conditions for coming back to the office (22/04/2020)

CHAFEA: Quo Vadis ? USF Luxembourg’s request (21/04/2020)

Promotion 2020: what to do if…  (17/04/2020)

DIGIT Luxembourg Open Space Survey results (06/03/2020)

Commissionner Hahn met with the representatives of the local staff committees and the trade unions (05/02/2020)

2020 Appraisal of contract staff 3a and contract staff 3b: here we go again ! (29/01/2020)

Appraisal 2020: here we go again ! (07/01/2020)

DIGIT staff in Brussels loves the open space… What about Luxembourg? (20/12/2019)

Personnel de l’OP: ce sera un hébergement en open space! (19/12/2019) only available in French

Lunch in the DRB canteen: period of break or new stress ? (30/10/2019)

Staff for the cleaning of offices in the European Commission denounce their working conditions: support from USF – Luxembourg (22/10/2019)

We met with M. ÖTTINGER (10/10/2019)

Staff of DIGIT assigned to the DROSBACH. Are you ready to work in open-plan officies? (08/10/2019)

Who is still interested to work for the EU? (01/10/2019)

Harassment: new negotiations(26/09/2019)

Sign the EU staff petition on the climate and ecological emergency! (01/07/2019)

Contract agents: the proposals for reclassification are in SYSPER (25/06/2019)

Heat wave is coming…  (24/06/2019)

Do I retain my expatriation allowance ? If I acquire the nationality of my country of employment ? (20/06/2019)

2019 Promotions: not proposed? An appeal is what you need to do! (18/06/2019) Do’s and don’ts – appeal 2019

Ladies et gentlemen of the Bureau of CLP Luxembourg (13/06/2019)

Is your child starting soon higher education studies? (11/06/2019)

During the holidays, remember that you have a 24-hour accident insurance cover (03/04/2019)

Écoles européennes de Luxembourg: pétition de soutien (02/04/2019) only available in French

“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Brexit (But Were Afraid to Ask)” (29/03/2019)

Staff Survey: what do staff really want to know ? (20/03/2019)

2019 Appraisal of contract staff 3a and contract staff 3b: Here we go again! (29/01/2019)

Appraisal 2019: Here we go again ! (8/01/2019)

During the holidays, remember that you have a 24-hour accident insurance cover (11/12/2018)

Annual update of salaries: +1.7% (4/12/2018)

Internal competitions: finally published ! But… (22/11/2018)

What should you do if (13/11/2018)

During the holidays, remember that you have a 24-hour accident insurance cover (26/10/2018)

Proofreaders in the Publications Office: threatened with extinction ? (11/10/2018)

Certification exercise 2018 (02/10/2018)

Update: Internal competition  (28/09/2018)

Internal competition 2019: 405 posts (25/09/2018)

Amiante de l’ancien bâtiment Jean Monnet: suite  (17/07/2018) Only available in FR

Tunnel for UK colleagues prolonged for another two years ? (17/07/2018)

Junior Professionals Programm – follow-up (10/07/2018)

Contract Agent: the proposals for reclassification are in SYSPER (26/06/2018)

Young Professionals Programme (YPP) – “How to impose” guide by DG HR (21/06/2018)

2018 Promotions: not proposed ? An appeal is what you need to do! (19/06/2018)

Reforme du Dialogue Social signifie-t-elle la disparition du Comité Local du Personnel: NON! (12/06/2018) Only available in FR

Promotion/Reclassification of Contract Agents: another round is beginning…  (29/05/2018)

OP: Branle-bas le combat à partir du 16 avril 2018 (22/03/2018) Only available in FR

BREXIT: important news for (former) EU officials residing in the UK  (21/03/2018)

Did you know that any member of the staff of the Commission has a 24 hour accident insurance cover ? (08/02/2018)

Quo vadis OP: follow up (30/01/2018)

Appraisal 2018: Here we go again ! (08/01/2018)

Quo Vadis OP: Follow up  (23/11/2017)

Violence in Catalonia: The Commission must give effect to its call for dialogue (03/10/2017)

Quo Vadis OP : Follow-up  (26/09/2017)

Contractual Agents: the proposals for reclassification are in Sysper (26/06/2017)

2017 Promotions: no proposed ? An appeal is what you need to do! (19/06/2017)

Quo Vadis OP: Follow up  (13/06/2017)

Conférence Harcelement: depuis les procédures informelles jusqu’à la Cour de Justice – only vailable in FR (12/06/2017)

Taxation des revenus immobiliers des fonctionnaires et anciens fonctionnaires: la France condamnée!  – only vailable in FR (15/05/2017)

Petition against medical overcharging (25/04/2017)

Digital burnout: Union Syndicale proposal to prevent iBurn (29/03/2017)

RCAM – Surtarification médicale à Luxembourg: le PMO ne répond plus… (FR version only) (28/03/2017)

Medical surcharge in Luxembourg: progress in sight ? (21/02/2017)

Commissionner Oettinger met the representatives of Staff Committees and Trade Unions (15/02/2017)

“Staff Survey 2016”: We listen, we care but… we do not act (31/01/2017)

Quo Vadis OP (follow-up): move (26/01/2017)

The language regime for EPSO competitions: Citizen-undriendly and plain stupid (12/01/2017)

OP Quo vadis: Happy new year 2017? (11/01/2017)

Appraisal 2017: Here we go again ! (6/01/2017)

Cantines and restaurants: what you haven’t been told (13/12/2016)

Annual update: 3.3%; Pension Contribution: -0.3% (3/11/2016)

Mr Barosso: A repentent European ? (20/10/2016)

The 2016 certification procedure has been launched (4/10/2016)

OP Quo Vadis: and now? (20/09/2016)

AST and PROMOTION: mission impossible ? (15/09/2016)

An end to medical overcharging in Luxembourg ? (13/09/2016)

Language courses: new restrictions? (6/09/2016)

OP – Survey about the new building: Have you say ? (30/06/2016)

Two important judgments for the staff: Harassement + Recognising serious illness (9/06/2016)

Promotion/Reclassification of Contract Agent: another round is beginning (7/06/2016)

Leaving on mission? This is what will change (01/06/2016)

OP “Quo Vadis”: follow-up (19/5/2016)

Personnel de l’OP: d’autres questions pour la direction? Exprimez-vous ! (10/5/2016) – Only available in FR

Promotions 2016: what to di if ever…? (20/4/2016)

PO: warm-heated meeting but the worries remain (14/4/2016)

Thank you Mr Moscovici! Avril 2016

Quo Vadis OP ? (4/04/2016) Version française only

AST9: Don’t take it for granted! Speak out ! (3/03/2016)

AST: the sacrificed of staff policy (17/2/2016)

Assessment 2016: here we go again!(8/01/2016)

Promotions commission_words_words_words (12/11/2015)