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Stand Up for your rights !

The covid-19 alias “coronavirus” adds up above the older challenges faced by the staff of the European Institutions in Luxembourg:

  • The attractiveness of the Luxembourg site,
  • The will to reform the Staff Regulations;
  • The representativeness of staff.

To better cope with these challenges, USF Luxembourg decided in 2019 to present a common list with several other Unions in the Luxembourg Staff Committee elections: 2020 marks a turning point, a new way to work in the Staff Committee.

This new way is built around the principles of cooperation, discussion, debate and not the “majority’s tyranny” which we got used to us by the previous majority in charge. It indeed regularly managed to remind us of their motto ‘I’m majority, I am doing what I want’

USF Luxembourg joined forced with FFPE, U4U, and SE/RD in order to deal with both local and institutional problems, each bringing its own culture and proposals with a view:

  • To hand back the Staff Committee to the Staff itself,
  • To make the voice of Luxembourg heard wherever needed.

That’s how the interest of all Staff of our Institution will be better defended.

In order to organise better and respond to the challenges, everyone needs to repeat himself “Stand up for your rights”. Our Institution keeps reminding us of our duties and often fails to forget our rights.

USF Luxembourg, as active member of the Union Syndicale Federale Trade, never hesitates to face, to remind  the Authorities of their duties. Recently, USF Luxembourg asked the Commission about its hidden will to “shut down” an executive agency located in Luxembourg:Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency ( CHAFEA). This project affects the attractiveness of the site, he workers and increases the precariousness of working conditions.

The covid-19 will restructure our working methods, working conditions and social relationships.This is  a fact! However, solidarity between staff, the defence of people in our organsiations should not be set aside, as we are stronger together.

The Union Syndicale Fédérale is a federation of trade unions present in more than 20 institutions, agencies and places of employment. It is the only federation  that has this size and is able to cope.

By acting together,  the member organisations of the USF, present in all the Institutions and all the places of work, send a clear and determined political signal to all those outside and within the European Public Service that question the fundamentals of the European Civil Service or undermine the pursuit of European integration. These organisations express their firm opposition to any questioning of the Staff Regulations and any attacks on European integration and that in Luxembourg and other places of work.

There can not be any European Construction carrying peace and prosperity without an independent, competent, permanent and attractive European Public Service. It is the Staff who make every day Europe because “there is only one wealth, man” (J. Bodin).

USF Luxembourg aims to help everyone to make the song of Bob Marley, “Get up, stand up for your rights” its own action plan.



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