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Stand Up for your rights !

A new elections meaning a new majority in the CLP?

Your trade union has decided to present to the next elections of the Luxembourg Local Staff Committee a list which is as broad as possible in order to meet the challenges ahead:

  • The attractiveness of the Luxembourg site,
  • The will to reform the Staff Regulations;
  • The representativeness of staff.

The USF Luxembourg has associated itself with the FFPE, U4U, and SE/RD to tackle with both local and institutional issues.

The main ambitions beyond “Ensemble Luxembourg – Luxembourg Together” list are:

  • To give back the Staff Committee Staff
  • To make the voice of Luxembourg heard wherever it is needed

This decision has its source in the common interest of these organisations in defending the Luxembourg site with all its specific aspects and challenges, but also in the wider interest of the whole institution’s staff in all work sites.

“Ensemble Luxembourg – Luxembourg Together” wishes to address the problems encountered by Staff, without, however, helping to promote an opening-up of the Staff Regulations with its adverse consequences for Staff. More specifically, ”Ensemble Luxembourg- Luxembourg Together “ requests the introduction of a housing allowance and not a new Luxembourg weighting coefficient, which will definitely be the Trojan horse for an attack on the Staff Regulation as requested by some.

By acting together in Luxembourg, our organisations, which are present in all the Institutions and all the work sites, send a clear and determined political signal to all those outside and within the European Public Service, often going with putting into question the “essentials” of the European Civil Service and thereby the pursuit of European Integration. These organisations express in Luxembourg, and subsequently soon in other work sites, that they will oppose any questioning of the Staff Regulations and any attack on European Integration.

“Ensemble Luxembourg- Luxembourg Together ”, is about better organising today in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow.



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