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You’ll never walk alone

This slogan of the supporters of FC Liverpool reflects the mission that the Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg has set itself and aspires to fulfill: to accompany you and advise you as closely as possible on all your concerns.

Unfortunately, life in the European institutions is becoming more and more difficult and restrictions on resources (current and future) will make matters worse.

Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg proposes :

  • “follow up” of proposals and taking  innovating action for the defense of a European Civil Service where solidarity, competence, and independence shall be the key features, in fully respecting our colleagues within a full democracy;
  • Providing correct and timely information on all files and decisions of the moment emanating from the administration;
  • Making sure that we remain at all times present and available to colleagues in all circumstances (legal support, potential complaints, advice etc.), by enhancing and strengthening our networking for a better defense of our colleagues, who will be invited to make their contribution with a view to guaranteeing greater transparency;
  • Prepare and explain  with the openness required, the impact of the future enlargement projects of the European Union and any future changes in European society that will influence our situation.

The Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg multiplies its skills by:

  • Itsmembership in the Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF), which allows for a networking well beyond Luxembourg. Thus, we can find answers and information on all the European institutions and Agencies,
  • The advice of a lawyer specializing in the European civil service;
  • A multidisciplinary team covering all operational services.

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Our permanent working areas

The work programme of USF Luxembourg is structured around four key areas:


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