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Elections of the Local Staff Comittee, 09/11 to 22/11

A first for USF Luxembourg: running for the Commission LSC elections in Luxembourg in November 2016, less than two years after its birth.
And a first victory: a complete electoral list, bringing together all categories of staff (2004, 2014, prior to 2004, officials, “other agents”), all job categories (huissiers, heads of unit, educators, accountants, statisticians); a list to the institution’s image and mirroring its diversity, united in the pursuit to help build the European Union. 

USF Luxembourg offers more than a program: it proposes a project aiming to make the Staff Committee belong to the staff.

Are these the first statutory elections for USF Luxembourg?

No, because USF has been present in Luxembourg through its section Union Syndicale Luxembourg (USL). This latter organization resigned from USF in March 2015, without informing either staff or its own members – in order to join “the Alliance of Free Trade Unions” – more commonly known as the Alliance. It was then out of the question to accept that Luxembourg staff is left without support, without the USF. USF Luxembourg therefore was born, created by former members of the USL who had not approved of the strategy above.

Thus, Luxembourg staff continues to be defended by the USF, now and in the future.
The 2016 elections will allow USF Luxembourg confirm its local focus and presence, especially since our section has managed to present now a complete electoral list, open also to non-members, bringing together all staff and job categories.

A young union for over forty years

Agora 74 issued in September 2015 (https://usf-luxembourg.eu/Docs/Agora/NouveauVenu.pdf) announced the creation of the USF Luxembourg, detailing its origins, values and work areas interests.
Yet even beyond the moment of its creation, USF Luxembourg had existed since the foundation of the USF, namely for more than forty years.


The primary purpose and mission of USF Luxembourg remains the defense of staff, the key, even unique, resource of the European Union.


The USF Luxembourg poster illustrates its values and mission:

Solidarity is our business, defending the staff our mission

The slogan ” Solidarity is our business, defending the staff our mission” is part and parcel of the USF mission. Mention must be made of the very warm welcome that the larger USF family has reserved for USF Luxembourg – a proof of solidarity at all levels.

Stronger together

This founding principle of our federation has not remained an empty phrase – since USF Luxembourg has indeed benefited from solidarity of the federation and of all the other sections.
Indeed, synergies were put into action by means of issuing thematic leaflets, of offering legal consultations or occasional support to colleagues – all made possible as a result of a thorough mapping of knowledge and networking of resources.

More than a program, a project

Our ambition:

  • a mandate that makes sure that the LSC belongs to the Staff,
  • a LSC at all times present and available to all staff,
  • working methods on fully consensual grounds and alowing conversations with all elected representatives and unions (USF has published numerous tracts together with other unions: it is possible!),
  • that Luxembourg finds its deserved place within the Central Staff Committee, a body where it used to have a strong voice in the past.

This project is on the one hand deeply rooted in the DNA of the USF; it has also had as its trigger the unfortunate management style and actions of the outgoing majority of the Luxembourg Staff Committee during the term 2013/2016.

During that period, we could witness a certain number of persons using their majority in order to attend to their own interests based on the principle best summed up as “I have the majority, I do what I want” – and not necessarily to the advantage of staff and even less to the benefit of staff based in Luxembourg.

This ” tyranny of the majority ” has forgotten their being elected as a result of the vote cast by staff – who requires to be defended, informed, listened to in an objective and non-partisan manner. On the contrary, this majority has followed no rules when it served its own interests, refused to listen to those elected, ignored any opinions that did not conform to their own. The list of the shortcomings of their term of office could go on and on and on.

USF Luxembourg does not intend to enter into bitter arguments; USF Luxembourg does intend however to make sure that the Staff Committee belongs to the staff – by doing everything in its power in order to have a LSC that is present, available, close to the colleagues and that, above all, does not play political games.

How can we get there?

First, by respecting some basic values and principles:

Real engagement: some of our themes

it may seem strange to commit to respect, yet it is an essential value for adequately serving staff.
This means, to begin with, respecting all opinions (including any dissenting opinion), build consensus and succeed, in a win/win process, in taking decisions and acting on them.

Trying to force a change the electoral system just a few weeks before an election reminds more of a “banana republic” working style than of an appetite for democracy.
Yet this is precisely what the current outgoing “majority” did by calling, mid-summer, a General Assembly meant to vet its proposed new electoral system; luckily, that vote was lost nonetheless – due to the mobilization of staff refusing such practices.

Secondly, it means complying with the rules and regulations governing the activities of the LSC and of the joint committees; and also holding in esteem the words and arguments of all elected colleagues: the LSC should be a place for civilised and informed debate, as well as of active listening in order to arrive to consesual proposals.

These are the bases that we should all rely upon so that we can better defend staff, in full concert with the other unions.

e.g. by organizing thematic information meetings and informing staff on working conditions (especially as regards careers, new GIP – general implementing provisions, issues such as harassment in the workplace etc). The information to pass on and explain is complex and varied: this is the task all Staff Committee should devote itself to.

USF Luxembourg is a union available to all staff, whether statutory or not, whether AD or AST, whether official or contract agent, whether recruited post-2004, post-2014 or prior to 2004.
Cross-generational and cross-statute solidarity is fundamental to defend the values of independence, competence and continuity of the European public service.
USF Luxembourg, with the assistance of the Federation, will be very active in this daily pursuit.

the impression shared by much of the Commission staff in Luxembourg is that of being “forgotten” in their corner. Due to its membership inside the larger federation, USF Luxembourg has the strength and ability to put forward and promote Luxembourg both within the Commission and within the European institutions in general. Consequently, USF Luxembourg could actively contribute to the creation of US EP, the section representing the European Parliament staff in the social dialogue inside this institution (and inside USF).
  • The price levels in Luxembourg (mainly cost of rent) severely hampers recruitment, especially in the lower grades.
    The Statute provides for a number of mitigating solutions. USF Luxembourg will work on the matter and come up with proposals to this effect.
  • Careers: the general impression is that the “transardennaise” Directorates General established in Luxembourg do not benefit from a treatment equal to that enjoyed by the colleagues based in the headquarters. It is a fair and easy task to conceive and put into practice, within the promotion committees for instance, monitoring tools that would guarantee non-discriminatory treatment. USF Luxembourg will make sure that such policy becomes reality.
  •  Forced Mobility: LSC must defend at the highest level all colleagues subjected to forced mobility. This currently affects heads of units and staff working in human resources units.

The Commission seems to “forget” that Luxembourg (as well as Ispra, Petten, Karlsruhe …) is not Brussels. Imposing forced mobility on heads of units without at the same time establishing monitoring mechanisms that would guarantee that new posts are also proposed to these colleagues is suicidal for both the institution and its staff, unless one considers that the staff is only a cost and not a resource.
The same is true as concerns our colleagues working in human resources – landing within AMC (Assessment Management Centers), “encouraged” to a mobility the mechanisms of which have never been explained. Further redeployments are planned (IT, contract management). USF Luxembourg, and more broadly USF will continue to monitor these files while always reminding the institution that staff is its primary asset!

USF considers that staff are working for the European Union (art. 1 of the Statute) and that they are not to be made hang in balance at the whim of on unforeseeable events taking place at national level. Our British colleagues will be resolutely defended; USF has already communicated on this subject through a series of conferences and interviews.

One of the only positive advancement of the 2014 Statute is the automatic adaptation of salaries and pensions.
Our pensions are guaranteed, but care must be taken to stand ready to counter potential attacks of this principle.

The institution uses this staff category as “adjustment variable”, forgetting that these are real persons who need to be offered some prospects for their evolution (notably through systematic competitions and a number of worthwhile posts), as well as decent reclassification quotas.
This has been the great forgotten in recent years, with serious risks for its sustainability.
Thus, the “cafeterias and catering” are in serious financial trouble. Only the current management mode – non-privatized direct management – keeps price and quality at affordable levels. This is especially important as the 2004 Statute (to say nothing of the 2014 Statute and its AST career-SC “innovation”) decreased salary levels at recruitment. USF Luxembourg will not spare any effort to ensure that this direct management mode is maintained.
Other situations will also require special attention, in particular childcare facilities.

This article does not aim to present a complete description of our program, yet the subjects mentioned represent major concerns for all staff.

Our permanent working areas

The work programme of USF Luxembourg is structured around four key areas:

Without making empty promises that we would not be able to keep, nor pointless attacks, our watchwords are:

In one word: we aim to work for everyone, this is and has always been the main goal of the USF.

List 5

Candidates holders & Alternates

BASTIEN Elisabeth


Former secretary who benefited from attestation, I currently manage calls for tenders at the Publications Office.
After 17 years inside European Institutions (from short contract to official), I would like to take advantage of my experience in order to bring a concrete and appropriate help, in a new manner.
Indeed, as a secretary, I was a member the ESTAT-AST Network. I provided workshops for the organisation of meetings and, as a tutor, I trained newcomer secretaries.
I am convinced that engagement, trust, active listening and respect altogether constitute the basis of a fruitful collaboration.
In that spirit, I joined USF Luxembourg in order to participate to a movement in which I believe and which could make sense to our colleagues, whatever their category, grade or expectations.
Eventually, gathering our competences will allow us to make things evolve for our common interest. 

RASE Daniel (Supp.)


Official at the commission for more than thirty years, I participated in many selection committees, as Jury of competitions and as a deputy member in the AD promotion committee.
I am always very keen to defend the interests of my colleagues and my door will always remain open to them. 

BEKKAR Mohamed


After many years of work inside European Institutions and at DIGIT since 2011, I have a large experience of the miscellaneous situations encountered by the staff.

I wish to contribute to the defence of the staff’s rights in general, which have been undermined in recent years and thus avoid a further deterioration of our working conditions.
I would like to focus particularly on whatever relates to the status of contract agents and the enhancement of these contracts.

PIRAINO Neusa (Supp.)


Having spent 26 years inside the Commission, I could observe an increasing deterioration of our working conditions and rights, mainly about career blocking after a change of category.
It is time to react and contribute to stop this deterioration and try to go for improvements with the help of the Local Staff Committee and of the strength of my trade union. 

BELIN Sophie


I will soon have twenty years of experience in the Human resources department of the Commission and in Cedefop. I think the time has come to offer my experience to a greater public.
A novice in the field of defending the rights of my colleagues, I feel the need to bring new ideas, to participate in constructive dialogues and to take at heart the efficient and transparent representation of staff.
Respect for my colleagues, fair treatment and social justice are values of utmost importance to me.
I commit my energy to fighting against any kind of exclusion, inequality or discrimination.

LLAMAS Cécile (Supp.)


In the Commission since 1990, I have noticed, year after year when listening to colleagues and discussing with many of them, big question marks as notably “the freezing of our careers”.
Indeed, many colleagues laureate of competitions “category in transition” before 2004 are still blocked in their career. This creates demotivation and frustration that are harmful to both the people and our institution. In addition, the same consequences are visible with the freezing of our careers imposed in 2014 (AST 9…).
Together, with the help of USF-L and the Local staff committee, let us stop these discriminations! 

BRAUN Dietmar


AD versus AST, old versus new statute, permanent versus temporary or contractual staff, Brussels versus Luxembourg….. For the longest time the administration has managed to divide us and play one group against the other. Even unions play the administration’s game: one union for contractual, one union for new statute, one union for Luxembourg only. What we lost along the way is unity. That is why I am the candidate for a union that unites everyone irrespective of grade, statue, permanent or not – and especially a union that unites us across all Commission sites, be it Luxembourg, Brussels, Ispra or others.

MOURIKI Marie-Hélène (Supp.)


My long journey of 35 years in the European Commission
My luggage full of experience
In my luggage I carry on the experience at the human scale acquired over the years spent inside the Commission.
In my luggage I also carry on a series of situations and events which have affected my professional and private life and were instrumental in reinforcing my spirit and determination to be aware of my rights and obligations.
I wish to share this experience with all of you, unique resource of the Institution. This path led me to the decision to present myself as a candidate of the Staff Committee.
To react and defend on an individual basis the rights established through our Regulations is no longer enough. To act collectively as a member of the Staff Committee will be a challenge and sometimes a battle to which I feel committed.
I engage myself to defend our rights within our Institution, for fair treatment, for an evolution of career without discrimination, for the respect of personal dignity, and for any other reason for which you feel necessary to ask support from the Staff Committee and its elected members.


Nationality : BG

I started working for the Commission 10 years ago with a different idea about the trade unions from Eastern Europe: they were mute, non-efficient and without real power.
Here I gradually changed my opinion and now I would like to contribute to the improvement of the dialogue concerning the work-related problems and professional development.
I also intend to work actively towards the increase of opportunities for sport and spending the free time in a healthy and balanced way.

CAYOTTE Elodie (Supp.)


I work in Eurostat since 2002 under different types of contracts: Interim, Intra Muros, auxiliary and finally as an official “post 2004”. I became familiar with the difficulties linked to each situation as I faced them myself. I was lucky to find my colleagues from USF Luxembourg by my side. Indeed, I could count on their support and I appreciated their efficiency in relation with my career evolution as well as in case of conflicts with internal administrative services.
In my turn, I wish to actively help colleagues and provide them with assistance and follow-up. My engagement to USF Luxembourg is notably to fight against the decreasing working conditions and the inequalities among staff.
Calm and tenacity are very important in order to build a new CLP which benefits to the staff.



NEGRU Felicia (Supp.)


Having worked for the European Commission since 2007. As an administrator then as a Head of Unit, I have had the privilege to experience the different facets of our professional life as well as the impact it can have on our personal life and personal development.
I have had the opportunity to meet and work with brilliant colleagues, new recruits and also colleagues with a long and valuable experience inside the institutions.
I could thus see that, beyond being pre-2004, post-2004, post -2007 etc., our interests always converge, our needs are the same, and our purpose is always one: working towards the European construction in a climate privileging and sustaining respect, fair treatment, personal and professional development, recognition of the work done, reward of extraordinary efforts.
The aims, values and mission of the USF are close to my heart as they focus, in my opinion, on the concrete realisation of the desiderata above: making sure that all staff, without exception, without artificial fault lines and needless divisions, realise their professional and personal dreams – through dialogue, preoccupation for the aspects that matter to all, networking and cooperation at all levels, good faith and openness.
A LSC dedicated to the real issues of our colleagues, and whose intent is to bring to the fore the real concerns of all staff rather than wasting its energy in futile agitation as well as to commit itself at making a difference, will be vital to our success.

ENCIU Roxanna


IORIO Antonio (Supp.)


Official working as a mail clerk, ‘a dying job’, I commit myself to defend the European civil service because there will be no European Union without civil service.
Every day during my round I meet colleagues who tell me their difficulties, for example related to the cuts in resources or to the demotivation they feel after their job have been underestimated.

I am not a member of this trade union but I chose to commit myself with USF Luxembourg and join this team of available and serious people in order to defend underestimated people and functions, so that LSC listens to the Staff.

Contact with everyone and information to the Staff build my motivation: this is what I commit myself to. 



I started working at the Commission in 2002, first as Interim, then as Auxiliary, contractual agent and finally as an Official (post 2004). Therefore, I experienced the problems related to each professional position, namely those of generation 2004.
I still feel very proud to work for the wonderful project which is the European Union. However the cuts in resources and the never-ending attempts to our working conditions make it more and more difficult to remain motivated at work. On the contrary, this leads us to demotivation and to the waste of our competencies in all grades and categories. For example the AST grades and more particularly the secretaries who were moved to a lower grade AST/SC.
I would like to work in a competent and trustful trade Union. I have always helped the colleagues who approached me and I would like to continue doing so. I do believe that we should stay united to be stronger and that we should fight against unfairness at all levels.
Mother of 4 children, I also feel concerned by the balance between family and work life.
In my opinion, trust should be deserved. I am thus ready to show you that I deserve your trust and that together with USF Luxembourg we can stand up for our rights. 

VAN DEN BRIL François (Supp.)


As a:
• legal assistant at the copyright section since 2008,
• member of the Local Staff Committee at the Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy in Petten in 2005 and in Luxembourg in 2013,
• confidential counsellor in the framework of the fight against moral and sexual harassment at the Commission for 7 years,
I have shared the problems and concerns of the staff members, and together we have tried to come up with solutions to seemingly insolvable problems, trying to preserve the dignity and the respect of the persons involved.
In the same spirit, I wish to defend the interests of the staff members who have to cope with present and future problems by guaranteeing the respect of the values promoted by the USFL. 

HALA Martin


I come from Czech Republic and I am new in the service, I started working for OIL in April 2015. As I understood, not all the staff in The Commission is treated equally and there are differences between institutions.
Participation in this year’s elections opens me doors to contribute to ensure that this situation will get better in the future.
I would like also to contribute to a Staff Committee close to people, wanting to inform, active and listening to the Staff.

BRUSBERG Annette (Supp.)


Discrimination happens in the Commission. When I started to work for the European Commission in 2005, I believed that Staff Regulation explicitly prohibits the discrimination based on sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation and a whole lot of other grounds. But being nominated as equality of chances officer for the Publications Office, I realised very quickly that in reality there exists discrimination in the Commission.
Administration recognised only that women find it very difficult to make a career in the Commission. We have to face up to the reality that it is not only women that are discriminated against. It shows especially in the promotions, if you look at the career paths of staff who are handicapped or of colour etc. it can be easily proven. So I will make my voice heard, I will work for equal opportunities and same chances.



At the commission since 1995, I have worked in 7 DG’s and 3 places (Brussels, Africa, and Luxembourg) under various statutes (Interim, Intramuros, Auxiliary, Temporary, Official) and I landed in Eurostat in 2010. As a consequence, I experienced several sides of the Institution. Since the start of my journey, I was lucky enough to benefit from the support of staff representatives and USF. They accompanied me in all places and all circumstances. Since 12 years I myself am busy in Union and Staff Representation (former elected member of the Local Staff Committee and mandatee in various Parity Committees). I try to advice, help and inform colleagues without ever forgetting the two following key words: Solidarity and Union. Solidarity is a social value addressed to all which I have learned through life. It can only become efficient through sharing meaning Union. This couple (Solidarity/Union) is the strength of Europe and the essential nature of what USF-L has always proposed and continues to propose once again through our list for the Local Staff Committee elections. Would you share these values, which are extraneous from political/Union parting, the first thing you have to do is to vote!

WASIELEWSKI Catherine (Supp.)


After several years inside the European Institutions (currently at DIGIT since 2011), I have a large experience in the various situations faced by the staff.
I wish to contribute to the defense of staff rights in general, which have been undermined in recent years and thus avoid a further deterioration of the working conditions. I would like to focus particularly on everything that relates to the status of contract agents and the enhancement of these contracts.



For the last 8 years, I could observe with interest the ups and downs inside the institutions and I usually react individually to their way of working.
This year, I decided to apply for the elections of the Local Staff Committee in order to make things move and share my feelings.
I have a good knowledge about “human” functioning in general as well as “associative” functioning in a broader sense.
Moreover, I did a mandate as an elected municipal member and I occupied some functions inside a French political party.
Nowadays I am a “contractual agent” and I am confronted to the same difficulties on my workplace and to the weak career evolution of ACs.
It seems to me that showing us gratitude and listening to us are priorities to be taken into account.
I want to contribute to the staff being taken into account by the Institution and becoming highly valued.
It is obvious that this project will not happen “without any pain” but this is necessary to our well-being, because we are “there/present” both literally and figuratively and we are not pawns to manipulate.
Be assured that I will strongly maintain my engagement and that I will defend it with combativeness and tenacity in order to reach and assess its success, in particular to give the Staff Committee back to the Staff.

SCHINTGEN Fernande (Supp.)



Nationality(s) : GR/FR

I have been devoted to defending the staff for many 20 years now.
My conclusion is: only a collective action can allow improvement of any particular situation. There’s no miracle!
It is a daily battle against acts of harassment which remain, much too often, unpunished; of discriminations, in particular as regards promotion; and of the decisions taken top/down which prejudice the staff.
I remain committed and motivated in defending the general interests of the staff.
I remain committed and motivated in returning the Staff Committee to the staff so that it can once again:
– become a convivial place where everyone can work, propose, and contribute;
– be listened to at all levels;
– become an instrument of confidence and respect, and service orientated to the benefit of all.
Overall, in these difficult times, I will endeavour to remind the Institution that the only resource is its staff. The strength of the USF Luxembourg is to register under a federal trade union movement which gives it even more of a voice in order to bring this fight through to a successful end.
Thank you all for your support!

COLLIGNON Magali (Supp.)


Being engaged in defending staff for almost ten years now, I want to keep dedicating myself to fighting for your working conditions, your career and your well-being.
My priorities: protection against harassment, increasing opportunities for professional mobility, ensuring better balance between work and family life.
Just like our list which is working to put in place a local staff committee (LSC) that is close to you and your needs, I commit myself to support and defend you in a new dynamic and engaged way.
I count on your active support and your trust!



I want a Staff Committee exercising its mandate:
• with respect for the staff it is representing,
•  helping staff to the best of their abilities
• supporting staff struggling with individual challenges and problems regardless of personal gain and fame.
I want transparency:
• a LSC admitting compromises that had to be made and lost causes.
• a LSC respecting the rules and not leading staff astray.
In a joint effort using our individual experiences and skills, we can make it happen.

CLUZEAU Adrien (Supp.)




I work for the Commission and more precisely for OIL since 2005. I’m Italian and I’m interested in the issue of “contract agents” and all the staff who was recruited after the 2004 reform. My hope and the battle that I would like to achieve is to contribute to the success of the commitment that me and my union USF- Luxembourg, make for the Staff Committee and to protect the most vulnerable categories.

FABISIAK Christian (Supp.)


In some weeks the vote for the new members of local staff committee (LSC) will start. This committee is yours, it is thus important that you take this right to vote in order to choose your representatives.
Official since 2005,I decided to apply as a deputy member and to join USF- Luxembourg in order to give support to this union and to continue its action.
In my opinion, it is the only Union which is listens to and defends our rights and interests as European civil service servants.



I work for the European Commission since 2009 in DG Eurostat, in the field of Global business statistics. I am Bulgarian and I am interested in matters of contractual agents and “post 2004” staff.
My hope and my combat that I would like to achieve, at least partially, is to succeed our commitments and to protect the most vulnerable categories.
I will do my utmost and put all my energy for the benefit of the people working for the European institutions, fighting for the respect of the principles of equal treatment and justice.
I will use all my knowledge, my good relations and friendly attitude towards people in order to help my colleagues.
I sincerely hope that I will be your choice for a representative in the committee of the personnel.

TORIKKA Laura (Supp.)


POPESCU Constantin-Alin


I believe that every staff member needs to be represented by the staff representatives in the same way, whatever their kind of contract, seniority or hierarchical level. This is my belief and I care about the people around me. This is the reason why I am here.
I am working in the Commission since more than 8 years, under two different statutes and two function groups. 

PORT-SELLITRI Valérie (Supp.)


I want to be part of the USF Luxembourg list for several reasons:
Working for the institutions since 1989 and as a contract agent for OIL since 2006, I want to be at your service in order to make evolve even the most difficult situations, and to enforce your rights regardless of your position or rank.
Much appreciated for my rigor and my discretion when necessary, I can efficiently represent you and keep you informed about issues and decisions which concern you.
I can assure you that I will be with you to carry on your fight.
This is a first experience for me and it will undoubtedly be very enriching at your side.
Let us give ourselves the means to eliminate situations of stress and suffering at work. Together, let’s improve our quality of life!



I am not a member but I chose to appear on the list of USF Luxembourg, a trade union that is OPEN and serves the Staff.
Inside this experienced and responsible team of people who will work with transparency and rigour and who will privilege dialogue with all trade unions and elected members when facing the Administration. I propose Dynamism and Strong convictions as well as knowledge of files and experience in my favourite field: Hygiene, Security and Well-being at work. I will also contribute to preserve established rights and to improve everyone’s situation. This is my commitment. Please support me and vote for the list of USF Luxembourg.

CALAMBE Catherine (Supp.)


Official at the Commission for 9 years, I do feel that staff members need more than ever proper genuine listening and support.
Count on me to foster every initiative that addresses concerns and needs expressed by our colleagues, in particular as regards better working conditions and career perspectives.
The site of Luxembourg deserves to be listened to and more valued, at Commission level.
No more hesitation, vote for list n°5…

TERLING Catharina


I’d like to work for more unity and cooperation in staff representation. I’d also like to see more transparency of LCS-work with information made available in different ways during the whole election period.
Issues that interest me are career blockages and mobility, but also the rules for reimbursement of medical expenses, particularly those originating from Member States other than Belgium and Luxembourg.

VAKONDIOS Petros (Supp.)


We, the Contractual Agents in the European institutions we are not numbers in a budget, we work hard with pride and dignity and we want to have equal treatment.
We need open and transparent recruitment policy, fair rights to promotions, respect in the workplace, to organise internal competition, and decent salaries.
Moreover and concerning all staff, we need a human resource policy respecting staff, motivating and listening to people.
I’ll do my very best to contribute to these goals.

WOLFF Isabelle


Almost 3 years since the entry into force of the new 2014’ Staff Regulation and the EU staff has seen the sacrifices and other restrictions which have been imposed (reduction in the number of posts commenced by the change to 40 hours of work per week, then by the significant increase in precarious contract agents’ posts, the blocking of AST careers, the spread of outsourcing, etc.) and this is not finished. In Luxembourg the social regression from the 2014’s reform abound, such as the difference in cost of living with Brussels which highly penalises our purchasing power.

In my opinion, in order to manage efficiently the interests of the staff, its Local Staff Committee must: 
- act for everyone, whatever the category, the grade or the contract,
– be available and respectful to all stakeholders,
– answer with professionalism to any issue.
The Federal Association Union – Luxembourg counts on your support.
Get involved!
Be vigilant and demanding!

TAYENNE Gerald (Supp.)


I work for the European Commission since 35 years and I have always believed and defended the values of the European civil service. And this even during the difficult moments we have known in 2004.
I keep listening to my colleagues and I always try to advise them with my modest experience at the Commission.



After 16 years inside the Commission (ADMIN then ESTAT), it is with great interest and enthusiasm that I decided to integrate USF-L, in order to defend contractual agents and assist them as much as I can in situations that can be difficult, as we all know.
I have always been close to people, listening to them actively with the aim to give the best possible advices to any point of view. This “social” character is innate to me and I can only keep going on in order to defend and assert what is right.
My application is meant to engage myself to serve the contractual agents and defend their rights, as I wish to make never-ending situations move.
My motto: Be “severe” but “fair”; the tone is given!

MORINA Marzio (Supp.)