Negotiations on new working hours: 3… 2… 1… It’s started !

We looked forward to the new Commission Decision on working hours and “hybrid” work (teleworking and work in attendance). A text was finally launched in inter-service consultation and presented to the trade unions for a first round of discussion.

From a reading of the text, it is clear that the main objective of the Institution is to respond to the budgetary constraints imposed by the Member States and to justify the reduction of office space rather than the well-being of staff. It is therefore easy to understand that behind the new slogan of the DGHR “towards a culture of trust” there is an absolute vacuum, with no measures foreseen at this stage which could make it possible to achieve it in practice. To the contrary, the proposed text is in fact a catch-all that goes far beyond teleworking as it addresses almost all aspects of working conditions, constituting a de facto new staff policy.

The global challenges of the new forms of hybrid work should have led our institution to ground reflection and assessment of all the consequences. More information

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