2021 Salaries update : +1.9%

After a sharp recession during the reference period 2019-20, the European Union's GDP has returned to growth. However, the 2.5% component suspended last year will not be repaid until GDP reaches its pre-crisis level. More information

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Housing allowance for Luxembourg

The representative organisations wish to draw attention to the continuing deterioration in the cost of living and to denounce the difficulties relating to the attractiveness of the Luxembourg site that have been observed for several years and that weigh on the recruitment capacities of the staff of the 'European Union. The Commission had ordered [...]

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The new HR strategy pretends to put people at the centre

The well-being of the European Commission's staff can only be ensured by respecting and implementing the rules on health and safety in the workplace, which is all the more necessary during this pandemic period. However, after analysis, Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg notes that: The European Commission put in place an incomplete occupational health and [...]

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