Promotion 2022: what to do if…

The 2021 promotion exercise has been launched and the list of the official proposed for promotion is now/soon published.

As usual, USF-L informs you about what to do.

No system is perfect, the current one is even worse. All the unions were opposed to this system, but the Commission imposed it. It needs to be reminded.

  • The DGs have received their “share of the cake” called “quotas per grade”. “Cascades” meaning transfers from high grades to lower grades are possible but only to a limited and controlled extent.
  • • Internal negotiations within DGs have taken place to decide on the colleagues who will be on the list of proposed names. In order to do that the DGs shall undertake a comparison of the merits described in your assessment taking into account mainly your efficiency the level of responsibilities as well as the use of languages in your work.

Since May 16th, the Director Generals have further meet with delegations of Staff Representatives, appointed by the Central Staff Committee, with the aim to hold a discussion and carry out a “fine-tuning” that should take into account the comments of your Representatives. More information

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