Proofreaders in the Publications Office: threatened with extinction?

They make up one of the most important units of the Publications Office of the European Union and play a key role in the accomplishment of the tasks entrusted to the Office by all the institutions co-signatories of the decision. 2009/496 / EC, Euratom on the organization and functioning of the Office (see Articles 1 and 5 of the Decision). These are the proofreaders.

In addition to making linguistic corrections to the texts they review, proofreaders also check the text content, translation and synoptism, and accompany the authors in writing their texts. As the ultimate bulwark against errors that can slip into texts and the publication of which might have important political and legal consequences, the proofreaders offer European readers a quality product, proof of the seriousness of the institutions, and allow European citizens to enjoy their right of access, in their own language, to the information that concerns them. Proofreaders are both the representatives and the guardians of their own language as well as guarantors of a European writing culture.

Nevertheless, their existence seems seriously under threat today!

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