Quo Vadis PO: Follow up

The current situation is as follows:

  • On 30th May the “PO Infrastructure Consolidation Convention” was signed between the PO and the DIGIT, which fixed a precise timetable, extending up to 2021, and which aims at transferring competences and resources to the DIGIT (14 civil servants and 50 externals). This will thus impact directly on the staff concerned (le “Centre de Calcul”, the help desk activities, the management of the PCs, telecommunications and the migration towards a new version of Windows, OP being one of the pilot DGs, etc) but which will also have a probable collateral effect, such as the reduction of the financial staff, due to the transfer of the budget line towards the DIGIT.
  • It is almost inevitable that the Office will lose the E-procurement.
  • Added to all this is the retirement of numerous civil servants which brings the risk of expertise loss, which will then inevitably weaken the services (e.g. the departure of the “JO” support).

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