PMO… Back to the Future?

The messages coming in from our PMO colleagues are very alarming. The reorganisation that took place at the beginning of the year has led to a constant malaise among our colleagues at the workplace and especially in Luxembourg:

  • A significant number of experienced colleagues, including several members of the hierarchy, were forced by circumstances to request mobility to other Commission services or even other institutions, which greatly weakened the PMO in terms of competence and historical memory.
  • In some units, the lack of domain expertise on the part of new case managers contributed to the creation of a significant backlog.
  • The lack of forecasting has led to situations that are difficult to manage, the most obvious example being the area of missions: the PMO considered that the absence of missions during the pandemic would justify the transfer of claims to a new experienced team and the redeployment of former mission managers to other units with new tasks (salaries, pensions etc…). The resumption of missions has created a significant backlog that requires, as we have just learned, the temporary “requisition” of former mission managers, to eliminate, as far as possible, this backlog which will, in turn, have a negative impact on their new units!
  • This situation of constant overload and pressure on staff has a negative effect on their motivation and causes unnecessary stress that can easily generate cases of burnout.
  • In addition, the staff of the PMO is mainly composed of contract agents, a category of staff by definition more fragile, in a precarious situation and, practically, without alternatives of internal mobility, which multiplies the negative effects of any action on the part of the administration. For more information

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