Our presence at the USF 2018-02-13T12:05:22+02:00

Our presence at USF

Union Syndicale Fédérale is made up of a Board and Delegations of the Federal Committee. Union Syndicale Fédérale Luxembourg is reprented in these bodies.

USF Board

  • President : Bernd LOESCHER (US-Bxl)
  • General Secretary : Peter KEMPEN (US-OEB)
  • Deputy General Secretary : Monica ERMOLLI (USI)
  • Vice-Presidents for the Communities : Ignazio IACONO (US-Bxl), Juan-Pedro PEREZ-ESCANILLA (US-Bxl), Niels BRACKE (US-Bxl)
  • Vice-President for Research : Giustino MANNA (US-Petten)
  • Vice-Président for Agencies : Jean-Marie JUNGBLUT (US-Eurofound)
  • Vice-Président in charge of Communication : Nicolas MAVRAGANIS (USF-Lux)
  • Treasurer : Lars NYCTELIUS (S.A.C.E)

Union Syndicale Fédérale-Section Luxembourg (2 seats) :

  • Holders : Nicolas MAVRAGANIS, Isabelle WOLFF
  • Deputy : Arty KYRAMARIOS

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