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Quo Vadis PO: Follow up

The current situation is as follows: On 30th May the “PO Infrastructure Consolidation Convention” was signed between the PO and the DIGIT, which fixed a precise timetable, extending up to 2021, and which aims at transferring competences and resources to the DIGIT (14 civil servants and 50 externals). This will thus impact directly on [...]

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Promotion 2017: what to do if… ?

The 2017 promotion exercise has been started. It concerns the work you carried out in 2016. The current system is far from perfect but we are working hard to improve it. Meetings of the social dialogue are underway to correct the shortcomings and certain injustices of the system such as, for example, the allocation [...]

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Petition against medical overcharging

Dear colleagues, You may or not be aware that EU staff are systematically charged more than people covered by the Luxembourg Caisse Nationale de Maladie (CNS). A Staff representative of the EIB took the initiative to lodge a public petition before the Chambre des Députés (Luxembourgish Parliament) on price discrimination in healthcare against residents [...]

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